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Cozying Up for Autumn- Reflections, Tips and Suggestions

My Dear Readers!

Ever since I was young, I have loved the colder months more than the warmer ones. It is perhaps because in Lahore, where I was born, the summers were long and harsh. In contrast, winters were short and foggy and my favourite time of the year. Islamabad is different however, here the winters are long, and in the Murree hills, where I live, they are harsher than in the city. Yet I am still fonder of the winter than I am of the summer. However, as I grow older I find that I now enjoy autumn much more than I enjoy winter. Autumn in Islamabad is cold, but not too cold. And it allows for a cozy atmosphere that is impossible to achieve in winter especially when you lack proper heating.

This year I have decided to celebrate this season, and hopefully all the seasons that follow even those dreaded summer months. Here are some ideas for cozying up this fall.

1. Change Your Cushion Covers

I have found that changing your cushion covers make a huge difference to the atmosphere in your home. Go for warmer colours, browns, oranges, reds and muted greens. I had pretty green leaf-themed cushion covers on my sofas that I have replaced for autumn-themed covers this season. The muted green, oranges and black patterns on the new covers make the room look much cosier.

2. Feature Autumn Themed Decor

Change up your home decor and bring in autumn themed objects. Decorate with leaves, pumpkins and pine cones. Create dry flower arrangements. Lay out warm coloured rugs. Focus on what feels cozy to you.

3. Indulge in Warm Drinks

As the weather gets colder theres nothing better to ward of teh cold than warm drinks. My personal favourites are Caramel Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Kashmiri chai.

4. Light Candles

I love scented candles. However, non-scented candles also work to give your home a cozy feel.

5. Bring Out Your Blankets

This is something I make sure to do every autumn. I have blankets in every room in the house. Not only do they come in handy if you are feeling chilly, they also give the room a comforting cozy look.

6. Read Your Favourite Books

Since this is a Book blog, this was bound to pop up in this list. However, I feel that there is nothing cozier than curling up in your favourite chair with a book, blanket and a warm drink. I will soon be uploading my winter reading list.

7. Crochet

Crocheting and Knitting are wonderful activities for the colder months. They don’t require you to move much and you can curl up in a chair with a blanket and a drink (just like reading) while you crochet yourself another scarf or sweater to keep you warm through the following season.

Happy Autumn everyone!

Yours Truly!



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