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Some of the Books I’m Using for My Daughter

My Dear Readers!

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I intend to explore further avenues for The Woman Out of Time including some tiny sprinkles of The Woman Out of Time’s motherhood journey. So why not kickstart this new journey with a post about children’s books? Specifically books that I have currently bought for my daughter and that I absolutely love.

One of the first books that I bought for Amal was this adorable crinkle cloth book from Snug N’ Play.

This book is filled with different textures and materials for babies to feel. The book seems to be made with a smooth synthetic fabric with pages stuffed with crinkly or velvety material. Amal absolutely loves playing with this.

Amal’s second favourite book is this board book I picked up from Saeed Book Bank in Islamabad.

This particular book is a sound board book. I still haven’t discovered where to put the batteries for the sounds, however, Amal enjoys looking at the colours and trying to turn the pages.

I also bought another set of tiny board books from Al Fatah in Islamabad. My husband and I came across this beautiful little boxed set of vocabulary books while we were out shopping for Amal’s car seat and stroller.

This set consists of twelve tiny board books with one or two words or letters on each page. These cover the ABC, numbers, colours, animals and other basic vocabulary.

While these books are great for babies to play with and (in Amal’s case) chew on, I also love reading to Amal. In fact reading is quickly becoming a favourite part of Amal’s playtime and bedtime routine. Amal especially loves nursery rhymes.

One of my favourite collections of nursery rhymes, that I read to Amal, is “A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes” that I ordered from Readings in Lahore.

This book contains over a hundred classic nursery rhymes. Each page is beautifully illustrated and Amal especially loves looking at the bright colours while I read to her.

Amal also owns another collection of nursery rhymes. I ordered this one from Readings as well. This is another favourite of mine.

This book has over three hundred classic nursery rhymes some of which I did not even know existed. Each poem is accompanied by adorable illustrations. I often use this one for Amal’s bedtime routine.

For Fairytales I have bought the “Usborne Illustrated Grimm’s Fairy Tales”. I bought this from Saeed Book Bank in Islamabad. I had been eyeing this book for quiet a while before I bought it. Of course Amal gave me the perfect excuse for this particular purchase.

This book contains some of the popular fairytales from the Grimm brothers such as “The Little Red Riding Hood”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Tom Thumb”, “Hansel and Gretel” etc.

I have also bought some religious themed books for Amal. I picked up “Good Night Stories from the Quran” while shopping for groceries at Metro Cash and Carry.

This book is absolutely lovely and has some key stories such as that of the Prophet Musa (Moses) A.S. These too are accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

One of my favourite collections of religious stories is the following collection of books. I ordered this series from Pakbooks and it arrived within a week.

This series of books covers multiple stories from the lives of the Prophets (A.S). One of the reasons I ordered this series is that it has text written in both English and Urdu.

And finally, I recently ordered this story book from Shazia Farrukh on instagram. This beautiful book arrived within a few days of ordering it and I absolutely loved it.

Shazia Farrukh is an artist, illustrator and author. She designed this book to teach children the basics of working with colours. I cannot wait for her to release other books in this series. I intend to use her books when Amal starts learning about colours.

I hope this post was helpful all of my lovely readers. Do let me know what books you would recommend for children and young readers! I hope to hear from you guys soon.


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