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The Skincare Book I Follow Religiously.

My Dear Readers!

A few years ago, in 2016, I attended the PAF Finishing School in Islamabad. And while attending a Finishing School lead to a lot of interesting experiences, one major change I found within myself was a newfound interest in skincare. For the first year or two of my skincare journey I simply followed the basic skincare routine we were taught in school using whatever products I could find close to my home. Eventually I began to branch out and started trying different products. I watched videos, read multiple articles on google. I figured out what type of skin I have and started hunting down products for my specific skin type.

It was around this type that I, like many others, was swept away with Hallyu wave that was spreading across the world. As I started watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean music, my interest began to shift towards Korean skincare. And eventually my search lead me to Charlotte Cho’s The Little Book of Skincare.

Charlotte Cho’s book remains the one book I return to again and again for skincare tips and advice. Written in a friendly autobiographical manner, Cho walks the reader through her own skincare journey, using personal anecdotes to dispense skincare tips and advice. She discusses all the important steps of skincare in detail, explaining both the order and the importance of each step. She also discusses important skincare ingredients and their effects on the skin and provides the reader with tips for how to shop for the right skincare products. What I love the most about Cho’s book is that she does not simply focus on products and skincare routines but also emphasises the importance of lifestyle and eating habits when it comes to achieving beautiful skin.

The book is a both fun read and an easy to use skincare manual. It is in fact my go to book for skincare advice. And should any of readers wish to check out this book, I assure you it is well worth the read!

Much Love!

The Woman Out of Time

(credit: photo taken from the author Charlotte Cho’s official store )

You can purchase The Little Book of Skincare here and here.

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